Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Zero Energy Homes

Nice summary on the possibilities of zero energy homes over at After Gutenberg.


Blogger BrookfieldCT said...

BIOS Building Technologies is a material supply and project management company. We provide these products and services for construction, energy, and automation systems in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. The BIOS emphasis focuses on energy-efficient and environmentally conscious technologies. Additionally, BIOS is a premier provider of such cost-effective technologies and offers cutting-edge consultation throughout the building process. Our in house Land Use consultant, William Schappert is widely considered the best in the business.

For a glimpse of the houses of tomorrow, one need look no further than Bios Building Technologies. Combining geothermal, wind and solar energy technologies with energy-efficient features and energy-saving construction techniques, BIOS is constructing houses that generate nearly as much electricity as they consume on an annual basis.

Connecticut, New York and New Jersey have the combination of opportunities and incentives that make near-ZEH communities affordable and marketable: utility “buy-down” programs that subsidize solar technology purchase; net metering, allowing the homeowner to sell unused energy to the utility company and “bank” excess energy credit to offset their usage when the solar system is not generating energy; and, of course, sunshine!

As part of the Buyer's Trust family of companies we can assist you with obtaining financing, we provide real estate, insurance and project management services, as well as acting as your material supplier.

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